Monday, 17 May 2010

Always learning - video inspiration

I don't even pretend to be a pro felter. True, the items that go in my shop are all things that I'm happy with and that I deem to be sufficiently 'pro' to ask people's hard-earned cash for. But really I'm always learning and trying out new techniques all the time. I rarely use the same technique twice in a row - simply because it's much more interesting to try something new. That's why I've got a range of stuff for sale - from the dense and tough tea cozy to the feathery light-as-a-feather scarf.

So I thought I'd start a collection of good places to learn from - video and picture tutorials - and good advice. I have made heavy use of all those and think it is very suitable to feature the best teachers here - as a little thanks. Hopefully there are other eager learners out there who will benefit form my little list.

I'll start with some video tutorials today (and continue with others later). After all, there's nothing like seeing it all done live (well, apart from being there of course and being instructed by the master directly).

One of my favourite places to learn is the YouTube channel by sockmonkeyhead (gotta love the name!!) - all the videos are even more handily gathered on Terri's website (as she kindly pointed out!). The is a whole load of very informative step-by-step videos on materials and tools, nuno and wet felting, felting around resists etc. etc. It is an absolutely invaluable - and generous - resource. Here's the first video in her series on nuno-felting - something that I'll need to practice, practice, practice...

Other sources of wisdom to follow in subsequent posts
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