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Monday, 24 May 2010

Underwater inspiration

Finally I've taken pictures and listed my latest scarf and brooch. As promised it's all in the name of the sea - there seems to be some sort of tropical inspiration in the air. Maybe it's because it's finally summer here in England. (Don't worry, it won't last..) But there's certainly something that makes me think of tropical paradise.

So here are some piccies of my latest underwater creations - the blue water scarf and the coral brooch. This is going to be just a little teaser - I'd like to share my technique for making the scarf later - but for now, it's just the pictures. I was so wrapped up in making that scarf that I didn't photograph the process, but I'll make up some diagrams and explanations - hopefully it'll be enough.

For now: a leg of lamb is being carved in the kitchen and the smell prevents further blogging!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Lacy goodies - and pending photoshoot

I've been away in London all day, and came home after the light had gone (the proper photo shoot light that is). Therefore I've not had time to photograph my latest creation, which is a feather scarf in two layers in lovely shades of tropical blue water. I've also whipped up a couple of new flowers which should also be posted in my shop tomorrow. So this is all pending.

I'm also toying with an idea for a coral branch brooch to go with my tropical waters scarf. Something like on the picture - perhaps a bit more bulky - with some beading and (!!) a few bits of the coral coloured lace that I got in London today.

There was a market at Islington with a lovely stall run by an elderly Pakistani (i think, pardon me, I'm really not good at this) couple. They were selling all things trim and ribbon and button. I kept pointing at bits and pieces I wanted and the little lady jumped up on a box and unwinded lengths for me from (seemingly very tangled) cards full of lace trim. She said she appreciated the exercise - but I bet she appreciated the return of blood flow to her arms more!

So I ended up coming home with a little bag of lovely trims to put in my magical box of tricks, which looks sadly depleted these days. Most of the goodies that I had accumulated stayed back in Denmark while I moved to Oxford, and so my box will surely appreciate the delicious lacy morsel I'll go and feed it now.

So hang on for the blue scarf tomorrow - and (hopefully) the coral brooch.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Shop promotion!

I've set up a super promotion (if you ask me anyway). I'm giving away a felted flower brooch with every purchase in my shop! They are lovely and airy and bright and perfect for those summer parties. The flowers will be made to order - so that you can choose the colour scheme to match the outfit that you're going to wear to that wedding or birthday gathering in the garden. Please convo me when ordering and allow a couple of days for me to make it - especially if I don't have the colours you're after in stock - but I'm happy to buy them in. Or just grab one of the ones that are in the shop already - that'll of course be instant.

So get in there and grab your self a pretty bargain!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The joys of giveaways

As I mentioned earlier, I'm planning on doing some giveaways and swaps - so far I've been following how it's done properly elsewhere by entering loads myself :p

I will attempt to highlight some good ones here on the blog so that we can all spread the word about the wonderful people who are willing to give their creations away to lucky winners.

Here's one I came across tonight - and I do so hope to get my hands on some of those lovely supplies!

Always learning - for the language adventurous

To continue my little series on where I like to learn, here's one for the language adventurous. It so happens that I'm able to read Russian - that helps. But even if you're not, take a look at this tutorial - there are lots of pictures showing what's going on. Nini_ka is a fantastic felter who (unbeknownst to her) gives me a lot of headaches with her almost supernatural skills in laying out wool evenly, thinly and in a perfectly straight line. Here she's showing how to lay out wool for one of those wavy scarves that looks a bit like a cabbage leaf.

If you'd like some more detail, just drop me a comment with your questions and I'll happily translate some of this very detailed tutorial.

The masterclass is here

Monday, 17 May 2010

Always learning - video inspiration

I don't even pretend to be a pro felter. True, the items that go in my shop are all things that I'm happy with and that I deem to be sufficiently 'pro' to ask people's hard-earned cash for. But really I'm always learning and trying out new techniques all the time. I rarely use the same technique twice in a row - simply because it's much more interesting to try something new. That's why I've got a range of stuff for sale - from the dense and tough tea cozy to the feathery light-as-a-feather scarf.

So I thought I'd start a collection of good places to learn from - video and picture tutorials - and good advice. I have made heavy use of all those and think it is very suitable to feature the best teachers here - as a little thanks. Hopefully there are other eager learners out there who will benefit form my little list.

I'll start with some video tutorials today (and continue with others later). After all, there's nothing like seeing it all done live (well, apart from being there of course and being instructed by the master directly).

One of my favourite places to learn is the YouTube channel by sockmonkeyhead (gotta love the name!!) - all the videos are even more handily gathered on Terri's website (as she kindly pointed out!). The is a whole load of very informative step-by-step videos on materials and tools, nuno and wet felting, felting around resists etc. etc. It is an absolutely invaluable - and generous - resource. Here's the first video in her series on nuno-felting - something that I'll need to practice, practice, practice...

Other sources of wisdom to follow in subsequent posts

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Welcome to the woollen happiness

Hello and welcome everyone!

I've started up this blog to showcase my work in all things felt - and share a bit of fuzzy happiness with whoever happens to pass by. Hopefully some of the great and the good of the felting horde will come along and maybe leave a comment or two, some feedback and a bit of guidance. Maybe this blog will even lead some good people to my little Etsy shop ( where all the happiness is up for sale.

I plan on setting up some giveaways and some swaps to get things stirred up a bit and get the conversation started.

As of now: welcome and well met!