Monday, 24 May 2010

Underwater inspiration

Finally I've taken pictures and listed my latest scarf and brooch. As promised it's all in the name of the sea - there seems to be some sort of tropical inspiration in the air. Maybe it's because it's finally summer here in England. (Don't worry, it won't last..) But there's certainly something that makes me think of tropical paradise.

So here are some piccies of my latest underwater creations - the blue water scarf and the coral brooch. This is going to be just a little teaser - I'd like to share my technique for making the scarf later - but for now, it's just the pictures. I was so wrapped up in making that scarf that I didn't photograph the process, but I'll make up some diagrams and explanations - hopefully it'll be enough.

For now: a leg of lamb is being carved in the kitchen and the smell prevents further blogging!
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1 comments: on "Underwater inspiration"

softearthart said...

Hi this is cool, I do like your cobweb scarf, cheers from new Zealand Marie

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