Friday, 21 May 2010

Lacy goodies - and pending photoshoot

I've been away in London all day, and came home after the light had gone (the proper photo shoot light that is). Therefore I've not had time to photograph my latest creation, which is a feather scarf in two layers in lovely shades of tropical blue water. I've also whipped up a couple of new flowers which should also be posted in my shop tomorrow. So this is all pending.

I'm also toying with an idea for a coral branch brooch to go with my tropical waters scarf. Something like on the picture - perhaps a bit more bulky - with some beading and (!!) a few bits of the coral coloured lace that I got in London today.

There was a market at Islington with a lovely stall run by an elderly Pakistani (i think, pardon me, I'm really not good at this) couple. They were selling all things trim and ribbon and button. I kept pointing at bits and pieces I wanted and the little lady jumped up on a box and unwinded lengths for me from (seemingly very tangled) cards full of lace trim. She said she appreciated the exercise - but I bet she appreciated the return of blood flow to her arms more!

So I ended up coming home with a little bag of lovely trims to put in my magical box of tricks, which looks sadly depleted these days. Most of the goodies that I had accumulated stayed back in Denmark while I moved to Oxford, and so my box will surely appreciate the delicious lacy morsel I'll go and feed it now.

So hang on for the blue scarf tomorrow - and (hopefully) the coral brooch.
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